Tyres for your Mercedes

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Mercedes Benz is part of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and was founded in 1891. The group provides vehicles of various types and sizes, from cars and vans to trucks and buses. Mercedes Benz is one of the premium manufacturers and sold 1.26 million vehicles in 2011 alone. The automobile company uses renewable raw materials and recyclable materials to leave an environmentally friendly footprint as much as possible. It has also since reduced its CO2 emissions by 20% compared to 2007.

Mercedes Benz takes great care in ensuring the tyres meet rigorous safety criteria, so this previously strict controls are subjected. Mercedes tyre engineers have been working with leading tyre manufacturers to ascribe particularly important features such as load capacity and reliability to these tyres. The choice of tyres is particularly important despite constantly changing road conditions. They must have good driving characteristics, because only then is it safe. The tyre configurator lets you specify the model and the corresponding year for all suitable models. This also gives you information on the correct tyre size. You can sort the results by your desired brand and also choose if you want to order summer, winter or all-season tyres. If you want the appropriate wheels too, you can simply use the Mercedes complete wheel configurator, which you provides an accompanying choice. The better the rims are matched to the tyre, the more effective the ride and wear characteristics. For questions about your Mercedes tyres please contact our Customer care team. Furthermore, you can read more interesting information and useful advice regarding various topics of the Auto World in our guide.