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Federal Tyres have been eloquently designed and built to meet and exceed international quality standards. Founded in Chungli City, Taiwan in 1954, Federal Tyres is a company that uses the latest technology and technical expertise to produce its own exemplary brand of tyres. Following more than 60 years of tyre development and innovation, Federal Tyres now supplies to distributors in over 70 countries around the world. 

Federal Tyres At Supercheap Auto

  • Passenger Car Tyres: The Passenger Car Tyres collection is the company's all-season passenger car tyre range, which is designed specifically for touring coupes and sedans to provide a quiet and comfortable journey. This collection includes the following models: FORMOZA FD1, FORMOZA GIO, SS657, SS535, SS753.
  • SUV Car Tyres: The SUV range includes light truck tyres, SUV truck tyres and Couragia Adventure series, which are designed with a sporty tread and provide superior performance on wear and grip. This range includes the following models: COURAGIA F/X, COURAGIA S/U, COURAGIA XUV, MS357 H/T, COURAGIA A/T, COURAGIA M/T.
  • Light Truck Tyres: The light truck tyre, SUV truck tyre Couragia Adventure series is designed with a sporty tread for high performance on wear and grip. This range includes: MR273, MR295, ECOVAN.
  • High-Performance: Combining a quiet ride with excellent performance on handling, traction and mileage, the high performance all season tyre range includes: FORMOZA AZ01, FORMOZA FD2.
  • Ultra High-Performance: Reserved for driving enthusiasts, the 595 Ultra High Performance series has been specially designed for supreme performance in wet and dry conditions. This series includes: 595RS-R, 595RPM, 595EVO, 595.

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State‑of‑the‑art design, compound and construction provides the ultimate road grip in wet & dry conditions while ensuring a quite drive. Developed with advanced Silica compound to enhance performance, reduce heat build‑up and extend mileage.

Years of Innovation in Design

Federal Tyres has been receiving worldwide awards for innovation since 1954. Using the latest designs and best practices, Federal Tyres produce precise, responsive and durable tyres for all driving conditions.

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