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We can deliver your new tyres directly to one of our hundreds of local fitting partners near you. After choosing a tyre, select one of our fitting partners.

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Our Trusted Network of Specialist Tyre Fitters

Tyre fitting can be very expensive if you choose the wrong company. At Supercheap Auto, we see to it that you can buy and fit tyres without spending a fortune. After you buy tyres from us, we will help you take advantage of a professional fitting service. To ensure that there's an expert fitter in your area, we have built a strong relationship with hundreds of fitting centres all across the country. They are screened and selected so that you can enjoy top quality services.

Fast Transaction, Quality Service

Your time is of paramount importance to us. When you buy tyres, we will ship them straight to our partner fitting station near you. These fitting centres maintain a pool of seasoned fitters with vast experience in fitting all types of tyres. They will contact you to arrange an appointment at your most convenient time.

Proper Tyre Fitting to Ensure Safe Driving in Launceston

Good news if you live in Launceston, as we've joined hands with two fitting stations in the area to provide you with more choices. One fitting Station is the Beaurepaires Launceston on York Street. The nearest landmark is the Toyworld Launceston. They are just 7 minutes away via East Tamar Junction via Elphin Rd. You can visit the nearby shopping centre, Hudson's Cafe shop or the Jinxing Chinese restaurant while your tyres get fitted at the station. Besides tyre fitting, they also offer brakes servicing, wheel alignment and balancing, battery change, and more. You can also wait in their customer lounge and have a cup of tea or coffee while they do the job.

Beaurepaires Invermay is our other fitting partner in the area. They are located on Invermay Rd. The nearest landmarks are the United Petroleum and the Skoda car dealer store. The nearest bus stop is 1 minute away, and the East Tamar Junction is 6 minutes away via Tamar and Boland St. They provide fast & friendly tyre fitting in the area, and you can relax while they complete the job. They also offer battery replacement, brakes servicing, wheel alignment and balancing to improve the life of your tyres and ensure you have a safe ride. Our rates will not hurt your pocket. Our fitting services start at $15 per tyre. We stock high-quality tyres from famous brands like Continental, Maxxis, Pirelli, and more. With millions of tyres to choose from, you can surely find something that suits your vehicle.

Fast delivery & convenient tyre installation

With us it is easy to choose a fitter for your needs, budget and your location. All our trusted partners are carefully screened to make sure they have the right modern equipment and provide the best service.


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