Tyroola Mates Rates

Mates Rates is our referral program where you earn rewards by spreading the word about Tyroola. Once you've purchased your tyres, you're eligible to invite your friends to enjoy great savings on tyres while you reap the benefits.

How it works
Refer a Friend, Get a Reward

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What rewards do I get for referring friends?
For every friend who makes a purchase using your referral link, you’ll receive a $15 Visa gift card.

2. What benefits do my friends get when I refer them?
Your friends will receive a 10% discount on their first purchase of 4 tyres when they use your referral link.

3. When will I receive my $15 Visa gift card?
You will receive your $15 Visa gift card once your referred friend completes their first tyre purchase using your referral link.

4. Do my friends need to make a minimum purchase to qualify?
Yes, your friends need to purchase at least 4 tyres for the referral to qualify for the discount and for you to earn your reward.

5. What happens if my friend cancels their order?
If your friend cancels their order or returns the tyres, you will not receive the $15 Visa gift card for that referral.

6. Can I use my referral link for my own purchases?
No, the referral link is intended to be used by your friends and family. Self-referrals will not be eligible for the rewards.


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