Supercheap Auto Services is a joint business initiative of Tyroola Pty Ltd A.C.N 169 178 116 and Supercheap Auto Pty Ltd A.C.N 085 395 124.

Please read the general terms & conditions before you order at tyres.supercheapauto.com.au
When you place the order, you automatically give acceptance to the general terms and conditions.

  • 1. Definitions
    • 1.1 Customer – stands for the individual, person, company or other body who place an order on the site tyres.supercheapauto.com.au.
    • 1.2 Homepage – tyres.supercheapauto.com.au
    • 1.3 Account – means what you will need to register to submit an order on this site.
    • 1.4 Business day – stands for the day except Saturday or Sunday, nor a public and/or bank holiday anywhere in Australia. Also referable with "working day".
    • 1.5 Confirmation of order – means our email to you where we accept your order.
    • 1.6 Customer information – Information we request from you to place an order.
    • 1.7 Order number – Gathered by you as a customer after completing your order, you will find it in your order confirmation. Whenever questions related to an order arise, this should be your reference.
    • 1.8 Tyroola – Tyroola Pty Ltd and the activities in Australia
    • 1.9 Product – The product(s) which are ordered by a customer from Tyroola via the website or any other medium. Similar words, like goods or items also refer to this. Note that all words which are used in singular can also be used in plural and it also applies vica versa.
  • 2. About Us and the General Terms and Conditions

    Tyroola Pty Ltd
    Office Address (no purchase):
    11 York Street, Level 3
    Sydney, NSW 2000
    E: tyres@scaservices.com.au

    Tyroola Pty Ltd will hereafter be referred to as the Seller, Company, Tyroola, We or Our. These general terms and conditions are applicable to all contracts a customer (hereafter indicated as you, the customer, or purchaser) made with Tyroola by ordering a product from tyres.supercheapauto.com.au. By ordering a product from this website, you accept the General Terms and Conditions.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at tyres@scaservices.com.au

  • 3. Orders and Customers

    All orders at Tyroola will be processed immediately, assuming you place your order on a business day. When placing an order, you accept Tyroola's General Terms and Conditions, and confirm that you are:
    - A resident in Australia
    - Legally authorized to make purchases with the selected payment account
    - Ordering Products to be delivered and/or fitted in Australia
    If any of the above is incorrect, please do not place an Order with this site. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, and at any time, to refuse, reject, or cancel any order placed with us.

  • 4. Prices

    All Our Prices include GST and any other applicable taxes (which will be charged at the current rate as shown on the website). Prices include delivery, unless otherwise stated on the Website. The prices are given in Australian dollars (AUD). We reserve the right to correct mistakes and or update information without prior notice. However, if the wrong price has been shown on a product you already have ordered, we will of course notify you and await your approval of the correct price before we process your order.

  • 5. Payment
    • 5.1 At the moment Tyroola offers following payment methods on tyres.supercheapauto.com.au: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal, ZipMoney and Afterpay. We reserve the right to not offer all payment methods. By submitting a credit or debit card number, you:
      (a) confirm that your use of the particular card is authorized and that all information that you submit is true and accurate; and
      (b) authorize us to charge to the card you tendered all amounts payable by you to us (including GST and any other applicable taxes) based on the Items you order.
    • 5.2 If we suspect that any order is fraudulent or involves stolen identity or payment information, we reserve the right to make any additional authenticity checks and to involve any authorities we deem fit.
    • 5.3 The payment methods of ZipMoney and Afterpay are offered and controlled by these companies themselves, we simply offer it as a payment option, although any issues or queries regarding installments should be directed to the correct company.
  • 6. Warranty

    All products that are purchased at Tyroola on tyres.supercheapauto.com.au have a 1 year warranty regarding faults or defects resulting from manufacturing. Damages caused by fitting, disassembling or balancing, or improper usage of the Products are not covered by the warranty. Bridgestone tyres however come with a 5 year warranty instead of the standard 1 year.
    For any warranty claims, the buyer must first have the tyres return for inspection to determine if the issue is due to manufacturing. If the inspection determines there is a manufacturing issue, compensation will be evaluated from the remaining tread of the tyres, and in the terms of a replacement, or partial refund, which will be determined after inspection.

  • 7. Delivery Costs

    Delivery costs are based on postal code of the delivery address and the tyre size. These cost will be added to the total order price which will be visible in the cart and can already be calculated in the product detail page.

  • 8. Delivery
    • 8.1 Products purchased at Tyroola on tyres.supercheapauto.com.au can be delivered to
      1) your address
      2) your chosen fitting partner (if available) or
      3) another given address.
    • 8.2 Products are usually delivered in 3-5 business days from the time the product has left the warehouse, unless stated otherwise. However, due to unforeseen changes in purchasing volume, shipping times can fluctuate. We aim to notify you if we suspect that we cannot make the delivery in the estimated delivery time, but, to the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery.
    • 8.3 Metro area postcodes: 2000 - 2002, 2006 - 2012, 2015 - 2050, 2052, 2055, 2057, 2059 - 2077, 2079 - 2097, 2099 - 2148, 2150 - 2168, 2170 - 2179, 2190 - 2200, 2203 - 2214, 2216 - 2234, 2555 - 2560, 2563 - 2567, 2745, 2747 - 2763, 2765 - 2770, 3000 - 3006, 3008, 3010 - 3013, 3015 - 3016, 3018 - 3034, 3036 - 3062, 3064 - 3068, 3070 - 3076, 3078 - 3079, 3081 - 3089, 3093 - 3095, 3101 - 3109, 3111, 3113 – 3116, 3121 - 3156, 3160 - 3175, 3177 - 3202, 3204 - 3207, 3752, 3800, 3802 - 3803, 3806, 3975 - 3976, 4000 - 4014, 4017 - 4022, 4025, 4029 - 4032, 4034 - 4037, 4051, 4053 - 4055, 4059 - 4061, 4064 - 4070, 4072 - 4078, 4101 - 4125, 4127 - 4133, 4151 - 4161, 4163 - 4165, 4169 - 4174, 4178 – 4179, 4300 - 4301, 4500 - 4505, 4508 - 4509, 5000 - 5001, 5005 - 5025, 5031 - 5035, 5037 - 5052, 5061 - 5076, 5081 - 5098, 5106 - 5115, 5125 - 5127, 5158 - 5162, 5164 - 5166, 5168, 5950, 6000 - 6001, 6003 - 6012, 6014 - 6031, 6036, 6050 - 6074, 6076 - 6079, 6081 - 6082, 6090, 6100 - 6112, 6121 - 6125, 6147 - 6176, 6180 - 6182
  • 9. Cancellation Notice

    You are entitled to request a return within 14 days after you, or a third party named by you, received the tyres. Please send an email to tyres@scaservices.com.au with your name, order number and reason for return in order to request an RMA number.
    Only unused tyres that have not been mounted are eligible for return. We do not offer returns for simply change of mind or wrongly ordered products. In case of a return, we will ensure the tyres are picked up at the address specified by the customer.

    If we have come to an agreement on return for an order that was due to a customers fault, a 15% restocking fee will apply (15% of total order value) and the customer is in charge of the return fee.

    If you request to cancel your order prior to shipment, a cancellation fee of $25 may be payable to cover courier cancellation fees and processing charges.

  • 10. Refund

    As soon as we have received the returned tyres and have inspected the conditions, we will refund the original order amount minus freight cost within 30 days. The refund amount will be transferred to the original means of payment used for the order, unless differently specified by the customer.

  • 11. Complaints

    For complaints, please contact Tyroola on tyres.supercheapauto.com.au by email or post. Tyroola will send the claims forms and the return delivery labels you need. For approved claims, the customer will get the products replaced with an equivalent product and reimbursed for any additional expenses. Before the new product is sent, Tyroola must conclude that it is free from manufacturing or material defects. Associated costs, such as for rental cars, are not reimbursed by Tyroola. If the claim is not approved, the delivery costs are not refunded and the customer is fully charged. Please note that the customer is responsible for the products until they have been received by Tyroola. Please make sure you pack the products carefully, so they do not get damaged when they are returned to Tyroola.

  • 12. Ownership Reservation

    All products remain property of Tyroola until the full payment has been received.

  • 13. Other

    The products on our website are for sale, however, we reserve the right to make changes. If typographical errors, technical problems or similar occur, we reserve the right to cancel incoming orders. If this occurs, you will be contacted. The existing product description is mainly from our supplier, we accept no responsibility for them. Sometimes the product image differs from reality. An example might be a tyre, under “tyre menu” which is attached to a rim. The rim in this example is not included in the price, and thus not included in the purchase. Tyroola accepts no responsibility for any tyre equipment, which you as a car owner choose to use for your vehicle.

  • 14. Force Majeure

    We are not responsible for delays caused by Force Majeure events. Examples of such events are: natural disasters, war, strike, decisions from authorities, non-deliveries from suppliers, and circumstances beyond our control, that cannot have been foreseen. If events like this occur, which makes Tyroola unable to keep agreement/commitment;
    Tyroola will be released from the obligation to fulfill the contract/commitment.

  • 15. Changes in General Terms and Conditions

    We reserve the right to update and make changes in our General Terms and Conditions. Any changes or additions will be published at tyres.supercheapauto.com.au. Continued use of our webpage is considered as an approval of the potential changes.

  • 16. Declaration of invalidity

    If any of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions, or an agreement is declared invalid or cannot be executed by court, the other parts of the General Terms and Condition remains valid. The clauses held invalid or cannot be executed will be replaced with the appropriate legal guidance, counseling and practice.

  • 17. Website Restrictions

    Any program or automated technology may not be used to browse, search, share, or download text and/or images and/or code from this website.

  • 18. Privacy Policy

    Please read our Privacy, which represents a part of our General Terms and Conditions. You will find our Privacy Policy here.

  • 19. Age of Tyres

    Most tyres are around 1 year old but max age is 4 years. We only sell NEW tyres, we do not sell second hand/used tyres, factory seconds or any damage tyres. The date of the order will be used against the manufacture date of the tyre to determine the max 4 year gap.

    If stock is marked as 'Clearance stock', the age of the tyres potentially could have an age greater than 4 years.

  • 20. Tyres Left at Fitting Stations

    If a customer is unreachable for a month or more since the tyres have been delivered to the Fitting Station, the customer is forfeiting the tyres and may not be subject to a refund.

  • 21. Images

    Images are for illustration purposes only. Wheel rims are not included with the tyre, and actual tread may differ from images depicted.

  • 22. Inappropriate / Rude Behaviour to Staff

    If you, the customer, fitting partner, or any other individual involved with Tyroola or the purchase of tyres is inappropriate and rude to staff, you will forfeit all additional privileges, promotions and additional services other than the very basic purchase and delivery of tyres at full retail price


MatesRates is a new way to shop. You can get products at very low prices, only by sharing your purchases with friends, who will then be eligible to the same cashback if they share with their friends too.

Tyroola and Supercheap Auto encourage fair and responsible sharing, and takes no responsibilities for consumers spamming behaviours. Can't be combined with other promotions.

By participating in ‘Mates Rates’, you agree to these ‘Mates Rates’ terms and conditions: 

The Offer: 

Upon purchase of tyres on tyres.supercheapauto.com.au, you obtain the possibility to receive a cashback when your friends purchase 4 tyres using the unique promo link, according to the following structure:

  • 1 friend purchases tyres through the unique promo link: get 10% cashback
  • 2 friends purchase tyres through the unique promo link: get 25% cashback
  • 3 or more friends purchase tyres through the unique promo link: get 50% cashback

The purchase:

  • In order for the referred orders to be valid, each referred order must contain a number of 4 tyres or higher. The original buyers cashback is only available on up to 4 tyres.
  • Only validly invoiced orders are eligible to take part to the Mates Rates promotion.
  • Returned or cancelled will not be eligible to take part to the Mates Rates promotion.


The unique promo link is valid only for 30 days from your date of purchase. Any purchase done with the unique promo link after 30 days will not be considered valid for the extra discount.

The offer is only available from April 1st 2018 until December, 2021.

It may take up to 60 days to send the cashback to successful applicants.


Your friend must apply from the referral link we have given you. If your friend applies from a separate link or applies independently (i.e. if they visit tyres.supercheapauto.com.au directly) you will not be eligible to receive the discount.

After your friends have purchased the tyres with your unique promo link, they will have the possibility to participate in Mates Rates and benefit from the same discounts.

Past Tyroola customers can be referred again in order to take advantage of the discounts as long as all the above conditions are met.

This promotion is not available or valid if a voucher/discount code is used for the original or subsequent purchases.

If you fail to comply with these ‘Share Price’ Terms and Conditions, your participation in the program may be cancelled and you will not be eligible for any fuel vouchers from the ‘Share Price’ program.


Wheel Alignments Terms and Conditions

  1. Wheel Alignments are offered by Tyroola on behalf of the fitting partner network as an optional extra service.
  2. The prices displayed on the site have been agreed upon from the fitting station network for a standard wheel alignment.
  3. A standard wheel alignment for front end only (2-wheel), or front and rear (4-wheel) may be offered. If you select a front and rear (4-wheel) however your vehicle only requires a front end only alignment (2-wheel), you will not receive a partial refund for this mistake or error.
  4. If you purchase a front end only alignment (2-wheel) but your vehicle requires a front and rear (4-wheel), you will be required to pay the difference directly to the party carrying out the alignment, or a full refund of the alignment will be actioned subject to the decision of Tyroola and/or the fitment centre.
  5. A standard wheel alignment is what is offered for standard vehicles. This standard alignment excludes any alignment that requires additional work and/or materials including shims, and also 4x4 vehicles, classic vehicles, modified vehicles, luxury vehicles, racing vehicles and any other vehicles where a standard alignment cannot be carried out on. If a vehicle requires equipment other than that of a standard wheel alignment (eg. truck wheel alignment machinery), the alignment may not be carried out.
  6. If the standard wheel alignment cannot be performed on your vehicle, Tyroola needs to be notified, and we can issue a full refund on the cost of the wheel alignment, and will not source a different location for the wheel alignment to be carried out.

Instant Cashback offer

This promotion consists of a discount of $50 for set of 2 tyres or a discount of $100 on set of 4 tyres that will be directly applied at the checkout. Simply look for tyres eligible for the offer with the promotional badge 'Buy 4 Get 100 Off'.

Free Mobile Fitting

The Offer: Free mobile fitting on a range of Pirelli tyres.

Only valid on selected Pirelli tyres when a mobile fitting partner is available to service the applicable fitment area. Additional call out fees and wheel alignment costs apply. The offer is current from April 1st 2019 until April 30th 2021.

Buy 4 Pay 3 Offer

Simply choose your tyres from the eligible ones in our promotion. Put 4 tyres in your cart and we will only charge you for 3. Fill in your personal details and preferences regarding fitting.


Terms and Conditions:

This offer is not compoundable with other deals and redeemable online only.
Only available as long as eligible tyres are on stock during Promotion Period.
You must purchase 4 tyres in one single transaction during the Promotion Period.
You can choose 4 identical tyres only.
Should you have different front and rear tyre sizes feel free to contact us.
This offer refers to selected brands only.
This offer is available for a limited time only

This offer is only while stock lasts, due to high demand, there is a slight chance the tyres you order become out of stock before we are able to ship them, If this is the case, we will attempt to offer you a next best alternative.

Supercheap Auto Services Tyre Price Match Guarantee

Supercheap Auto Services strives to offer customers the best possible price on tyres, therefore if you find a competitor with a cheaper price on an identical item, Tyroola will beat the price by 3%, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • 1.1. Proof of the competitors price of tyre must be given to Tyroola in the form of a written company quote, printed advertisement, online listing, or any other written proof the current price of the product. The competitor must also have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • 1.2. The product must be in stock and available/ready for delivery at the time of purchase from both Tyroola and the competitor.
  • 1.3. The price in question is for the product itself and does not include additional fees or charges such as shipping and fitment.
  • 1.4. The product must be identical to what Tyroola offers, which includes but is not limited to the brand and model, the condition and an age up to 4 years, but no older.
  • 1.5. Tyroola reserves the right to offer only 1 price match per customer.
  • 1.6. Private buyers only (Excludes wholesalers, trade buyers, importers, deal/coupon websites and the like).
  • 1.7. Is not valid for competitor liquidation and aged stock sales.
  • 1.8. Limited to products marked with a “Price Match” badge displayed on www.tyroola.com.au.
  • 1.9. The price is not part of a special offer or promotion, loyalty reward, coupon offer, cash back offer, or similar.
  • 1.10. The tyre must be locally stocked - for example: such quotes from competitors in different states to yourself.

Tyroola will not match the competitors price if:

  • 2.1. The price is part of the competitors special offers or promotion, loyalty reward, coupon offer, cash back offer, or similar.
  • 2.2. The item is a listing from a classifieds ad such as Gumtree or eBay.
  • 2.3. The price is due to a technical error on behalf of the competitor.
  • 2.4. The product is not a tyre.

Supercheap Auto Services FREE Road Hazard Protection

Common road hazards such as punctures, bruises or impact breaks, caused by glass, nails, curbs and potholes, and sustained during the course of normal driving on a reasonably maintained road are not covered under tyre manufacturers' warranties.* Tyroola is proud to supply the best quality tyre brands, but cannot control damages caused by road conditions. The Free Tyroola Road Hazard Warranty, ensures that you are always driving on safe tyres and provides you a peace of mind in case of any damage such as:

  • Repairable and unrepairable punctures
  • Impact fractures and breaks
  • Accidental cuts and curb damage

and is valid on any PCR, 4x4 and LT tyre purchased from tyres.supercheapauto.com.au

Tyroola's Road Hazard Protection covers your tyre repair or replacement as follows:

  • Tyres are covered for 24 months from the date of purchase or until 1.6mm or less of tread remains, whichever occurs first.
  • During the period of benefit, repair (providing that the puncture occurred in a legally repairable area) or replace the tyre free of charge if there is less than 25% tread wear on the tyre. If tread wear is over 25%, pro-rata charges will apply for the replacement tyre. (If a tyre is 25% worn, 25% charge will apply. If the tyre is 50% worn, 50% charge will apply, based on the original purchase price. Should the identical product be obsolete, a comparable product will be provided. Pro-rata costs are based on RRP at the time of the original purchase.
  • Tyroola will cover this repair or replacement up to the value of $500 as a benefit cap.

Claim under your free Road Hazard Warranty is simple:

  • Comply with the list of responsibilities described below
  • Send an invoice/receipt of your purchase to support@tyroola.com.au
  • Provide photos of the tyre and the damage to it, while it is still on the rim. The pictures must be clear and at a minimum should have a full shot of the sidewall, and a clear close up of the damage, but the more photos the better.
  • Once photos have been received, the tyre can come off the rim, and you can notify us that the tyre is ready to be picked up at the original delivery address.

Your responsibilities

As our customer, you have a few small responsibilities under this warranty.

  • The warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the tyres
  • The tyres should always be maintained in a good condition at the correct tyre pressures.
  • Wheel balancing, alignments and tyre rotation should be carried out at regular intervals, and proof must be supplied to claim warranty (proof must be written documents from a professional tyre or suspension store).
  • All necessary precautions will be taken to avoid driving over obstacles like kerbs and rough road edges which may cause tyre damage.
  • If the claim is unsuccessful, you will be responsible for the transport costs to have the tyre returned to the warehouse for inspection. If this is the case, you have 30 days to pay this logistic cost from the date of notification from us via phone or email.

* Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. Your Road Hazard Warranty is a benefit to you the customer given in addition to your consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Some exclusions apply:
This Tyroola Road Hazard Warranty excludes damage caused by lack of tyre care, maintenance and deliberate abuse. The aforementioned are not covered by this road hazard warranty. Tyres that become unserviceable due to fire, theft, snow chain damage, vandalism, racing, improper rotation, improper repair, improper inflation pressure, overloading, off-road use, on-road collisions, vehicle obstruction and similar types of damage or abuse are not covered by this warranty. The warranty applies to any tyres purchased from Tyroola down to at least the minimum legal tread depth (or above) as required by the relevant Australian state authority.

If the damage was caused from other means other than normal use, it is excluded from Tyroola's Road Hazard Protection, this includes any damaged caused during fitment. If this damage was caused from or during fitment, it is the responsibility of the business who carried out the fitment job, and not Tyroola's.
If a claim is successful, the repair or replacement is only for the tyre itself, and excludes any additional costs such as shipping and fitting. The cost of shipping will be calculated on a case by case basis, if shipping was free with your original purchase, this is excluded from the replacement as free shipping is only applicable to newly purchased items.

Offer commence date: 01/01/2016 (Any purchases before this date are not eligible for Tyroola's Road Hazard Protection.)

Supercheap Auto Services Fitment Guarantee

At Tyroola we work hard and go the extra mile to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction in all steps of the order process – including Fitting of the tyre. We are an independent working closely with Australia’s best independent fitters to offer you the best service and price. Do not trust us on our words, check out Tyroola on Productreview.com.au to see verified customer reviews on our business, and compare this to reviews from large tyre retail chains!

Tyroola aims to provide you with a Fitment Guarantee. Our independent fitting partners are carefully selected based on the quality of workmanship and constantly reviewed based on customer reviews.

We offer a Fitment Guarantee which means that we guarantee that the tyres you order will fit your vehicle in accordance with vehicle safety and regulation. Our Customer Service evaluates every order and will make sure you will have the right product for your vehicle. In 99% of the cases there are no issues and no need for intervention. In the 1% of cases where you have ordered the wrong tyre, we will directly contact you and do our utmost best to provide you with the best possible alternative. 

Fitment Guarantee & Conditions

Tyroola Fitment Guarantee covers tyres from the original purchase invoice, and is valid starting from the date of purchase for the period of the guarantee, subject to the following:

1.       Tyroola does not guarantee any tyres suffered damage due to misuse; ill-use and any accidents which are beyond the control of Tyroola

2.       Tyroola is not able to guarantee tyres that have been removed from the vehicle of first fitment

3.       Tyroola does not place guarantee on goods when you have changed your mind after purchase, or have decided you do not like the goods

4.       Tyroola does not guaranteed services or goods where you have insisted those services or goods to be followed or carried out in a certain way

5.      Mobile fitting may have a call-out fee applicable. This fee cannot be refunded if the Mobile Fitter has been booked and scheduled for appointment

If damage was caused from or during fitment, it is the responsibility of the business who carried out the fitment job, and not Tyroola.

Offer commence date: 01/06/2016 (Any purchases before this date are not eligible for Tyroola's Fitment Guarantee.

Contact Information
Office Address (no purchase):
Tyroola Pty Ltd
Level 3, 11 York Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
E: tyres@scaservices.com.au

Shipping Policy

Supercheap Auto Services is a joint business initiative of Tyroola Pty Ltd A.C.N 169 178 116 and Supercheap Auto Pty Ltd A.C.N 085 395 124.

Supercheap Auto Services endeavours to get your tyre order to you as fast as possible and for an affordable rate. Supercheap Auto Services covers the delivery cost for most metropolitan postcodes, if there is a delivery charge, it is calculated from the location of the stock to the postcode you have entered.

Delivery times arrive to most postcodes in about 2 business days, if the delivery location is a little further, when proceeding through the checkout, we will state a more accurate estimate on delivery.

  • ATL (Authority to Leave):  Customers have the option to authorise delivery drivers to leave the ordered items in a secure location at the address provided for delivery. According to the individual logistics companies, if unable to place the goods in the requested location as per WH&S rules, the driver might leave the goods in an alternative accessible location (such as by the front door) or keep the items and wait for instructions to re-deliver the tyres at a later time. (Additional fees may apply to multiple re-deliveries).
    Please be aware, if an ATL is placed on the delivery of a good, we are not responsible for any loss or damage to the items. We will happily assist you in contacting the logistics company used to re-confirm the delivery with the driver, however if goods are not found, no replacement will be sent.
  • Tracking numbers are provided when possible; this is dependent on the logistic company used and are not always provided.
  • Tyroola Pty Ltd. strongly recommends you assess the items before signing for delivery to confirm they match the items ordered. Once you are happy and satisfied the items are correct, you can sign. If, in the unlikely event that there is an issue with the items delivered or they do not appear to be what you ordered, please refuse delivery so the courier can return the items to us for inspection and investigate the reason for the issue. Contact customer service immediately if this is the case and we will sort and manage the issue as soon as possible.