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Sailun Tyres

About Us

Sailun is a Chinese tyre company established in 2002, with factories near Beijing, situated close to leading manufacturers such as Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli. They also have a state-of-the-art engineering team in America. Sailun produces tyres for light to medium trucks and off-road vehicles in more than fifty countries worldwide, with thirty million tyres produced annually. Each tyre is individually tested to ensure quality before being shipped to the final customer.

Quality Trust and Support

Sailun is committed to the company’s three core values and an understanding of their customer’s needs. Their aim is to produce a tyre that performs but also fits your budget. With quality product and service that you can trust in, they also provide the support you need after leaving the showroom.   

Sailun’s goal is to produce tyres to compete with class leaders, but at a much lower price point, in what is the value tier of the tyre industry. More than a quarter of replacement tyres are purchased within the value tier, and Sailun’s goal is to be the market leaders in this segment. Their motto could be that quality is not related to the country of origin, but rather to the factory of origin, and the quality of its tyres should be judged on their merit.

Sailun believes strongly in all of its products, and they are backed by an industry-leading warranty. Their Ice Blazer winter tyres and Atrezzo all-season models have received the PTPA Media™ Seal of Approval for product quality.

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