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Founded in Japan in 1917 after Dunlop in the market of Japanese tyre manufacturers. It is ranked 7 in the largest tyre manufacturing companies categories employing over 20000 people across the globe. Yokohama has a national distribution over every state in Australia. They consistently improve their value for money for their tyres, which serve as best performance tyres, which are much needed in the Australian market. The productions of tyres are mainly for cars, trucks, earthmovers and industrial use. Supercheap Auto's range of Yokohama tyres include:

  • Passenger Car Tyres: Yokohama's Passenger Car Tyres are manufactured by combining various cutting edge tyre technologies to achieve quietness, fuel efficiency, reliability and enhanced grip.
  • 4x4 and SUV Tyres: Yokohama offers a great range of on road and off road tyres. Manufactured using latest Japaneese tyre technologies, the tyres offer superior grip and enahaced control on every terrain. 
  • Van and Truck Tyres: Yokohama offers commercial tyres for vans and trucks. These heavy load tyres are highly dependable, puncture-resistant and give long mileage.

Yokohama Tyres are delivered across Australia in quick time, with free shipping to metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Extensive research and development have made them a confident competition in the tyre world. They are a low priced, premium brand which is well suited for the customers. They demonstrate high performance and durable tyres.

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