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We can deliver your new tyres directly to one of our hundreds of local fitting partners near you. After choosing a tyre, select one of our fitting partners.

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Enter your postcode to see all fitting partners near you.

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Buy and Fit Tyres Conveniently in Ainslie - Comprehensive Tyre Fitting Services

Supercheap Auto’s commitment to our customers doesn’t end abruptly by letting you buy just new tyres. We understand how difficult it is to fit and align tyres if you're not equipped with the right tools and skills. At Supercheap Auto, we can help your tyres fitted by experienced professionals in any of our partner tyre fitting service centres.

We Have a Partner Service Centre Everywhere

Instead of sending the tyres directly to you, we can deliver them to the tyre fitting service centre nearest to you. A seasoned tyre fitter will arrange the fitting and aligning schedule at your convenient time.

Tyre Fitting Made Accessible in Ainslie - Keep Your Hands Grease-free

Just like in most parts of the country, Supercheap Auto has an accredited tyre fitting centre in Ainslie. For the best tyre fitting and aligning services in Ainslie, head to Hayley Street and look for CWC Auto Services. It is located at the back of Argyle Housing Ainslie Village. Just like us, customer satisfaction is their top priority in their 30 years experience. They hire qualified and skilled professional fitters to ensure the best quality of service. Aside from professionally fitting your tyres, they offer an extensive list of mechanical and auto electrical services. Using high-end machinery, they can fit, align, and balance your tyres quickly and effortlessly. While getting your tyres fitted, you can also have them check your brakes, cooling system, batteries and fluid levels. If you’re after complete car servicing, you've come to the right place. They have mastered the science of diagnosing and rectifying tyre issues.

At Supercheap Auto, we want our customers to feel the best experience they’ve ever had. That’s why at a reasonable rate of just $15 a tyre, you can keep your hands grease-free by having our partner centres fit the tyres for you. We maintain the highest standards in selecting tyre fitting professionals to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We are committed to making tyre buying and fitting process affordable, accessible, and convenient for everyone. We have over 3 million high-quality tyres from famous brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Continental among others. With reasonable rates and quality services, life could never be this easy without Supercheap Auto.

Fast delivery & convenient tyre installation

With us it is easy to choose a fitter for your needs, budget and your location. All our trusted partners are carefully screened to make sure they have the right modern equipment and provide the best service.

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