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We can deliver your new tyres directly to one of our hundreds of local fitting partners near you. After choosing a tyre, select one of our fitting partners.

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We can deliver your tyre to another address like your home or office. We'll deliver it directly to you Australia-wide so you can have it fitted.

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Best Way to Buy and Fit Tyres

Tyres are consumable parts of any vehicle - a replacement is inevitable. Supercheap Auto understands the demands of tyre fitting and aligning services. Thus, we don’t settle by just providing you with the right kind of wheels for your ride. We go the extra mile to helping you find a professional to do the fitting for you.

Supercheap Auto Partner Tyre Fitting Stations

To realise our goal to make purchasing and fitting tyres convenient for our customers, we maintain a strong partnership with the best tyre fitting centres in Belconnen. Upon processing your order, we will send your tyres to our partner fitting station. Expect a call from a professional fitter who will set up an appointment for your tyre replacement.

The Best Place to Fit Your Tyres

If you are a resident of Belconnen, there’s no need to go out of town to look for a Supercheap Auto accredited tyre fitting centre. You can visit Transtate Tyre and Suspension Service at Egan Ct. If you are driving along Coulter Dr, turn to Nettefold St. You’ll know when you’re in the right place if you see the PET Stock across the street. Apart from fitting and aligning your tyres quickly, they can also do brake servicing, wheel balancing and suspension repairs. To offer top calibre services, they’ve only hired qualified tyre fitters with several years of experience on their sleeves. They also have cutting edge tools and machinery that allow them to fit and align tyres with ease and accuracy. You can drive home confident knowing that your car is serviced by a Supercheap Auto certified service centre.

It is our goal to make tyre buying and fitting convenient and affordable. For a minimal fee of $15 per tyre, you can enjoy excellent fitting services. Your trust is important to us. Thus, we do our very best to make your customer experience is totally worth it. With millions of tyres to choose from, you will find the right tyres for your vehicle here. At Supercheap Auto, quality service is affordable.

Fast delivery & convenient tyre installation

With us it is easy to choose a fitter for your needs, budget and your location. All our trusted partners are carefully screened to make sure they have the right modern equipment and provide the best service.

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