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Quality Meets Affordability

When it comes to enhancing performance and ride quality of heavier vehicles, the right tyres can go a long way. Founded in 2009, Atturo tyres cater specifically to the SUV and Cross-Over vehicle segment. Crafted with the finest materials, these tyres bring premium quality to consumers at affordable prices. Contrary to low-end, unbranded options, Atturo ensures that each product is manufactured with care and precision. The tyres are manufactured in world-class production units in Thailand and Taiwan, and are tested and certified by autonomous agencies. Thus, there is no compromise on quality or safety factors even though the price point is considerably lower than the products offered by the major brands.

Tyres for every requirement

While choosing your tyres, it is essential to consider the terrain and weather conditions you'll mostly be driving in. With a wide range of options, Atturo offers something to meet every need. We can deliver your new tyres directly to one of our hundreds of fitting partners near you. Free tyre delivery to major metro areas such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Choices from Atturo include:

  • Trail Blade X/T: Designed for SUVs and lifted vehicles, this is a performance-focussed tyre. Its 3-Ply sidewall and innovative tread design makes it ideal for every kind of terrain.
  • Trail Blade M/T: This mud-terrain tyre features a uniform mould design. This enhances tyre quality while reducing vibration, thereby ensuring a comfortable ride.
  • Trail Blade A/T: With deep grooves and sipes, these tyres ensure superior performance under any weather condition.
  • AZ600: Made for SUVs and Cross-Overs, the AZ600 is engineered for smooth handling, even in wet or snowy weather.
  • AZ850: Available in run flat options, these Atturo tyres are all about balance and stability, with no compromise on performance.
  • AZ800: Ideal for SUVs and trucks, they feature a directional tread pattern that makes for easy handling in wet conditions.

The Latest From Atturo Tyres

Launched in the summer of 2014, the AZ850 range is the latest addition to the Atturo family. With the AZ850, Atturo became the first private brand to offer an affordable run flat option to SUV owners. These tyres can run up to 80kms at zero air pressure when driven at a speed of 80kmph. Additionally, they offer a 35-40% price advantage compared to products from major brands. Whether you are looking to upgrade to run flat tyres or want to replace your older, original equipment with more affordable choices, the AZ850 makes for a smart, cost-effective investment. This, together with the other options from Atturo, gives you a very wide range to choose from indeed.

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ATTURO AZ 850 245/55R19 103V
AZ 850
245/55R19 103V
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