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Tyres that meet your specific needs from BF Goodrich

Whether you want a tyre that has exceptional grip in wet conditions or one that can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, you can count on BF Goodrich tyres. The company offers drivers a collection of tyres for cars, 4X4's and utility vehicles, making it easy to select the one that is right for you. Each tyre is tested for handling pleasure as well as for grip and endurance, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride every time. For example the BF Goodrich g-Grip All Season for cars is ideal for those who live in warmer climates, and its directional V shaped tread provides exceptional water dispersion in the event of occasional downpours. It can be used with family cars with the same great results that it displays when fitted to high performance cars and this great all rounder can cope with any type of road surface. We offer Australia-wide shipping of BF Goodrich Tyres with free, in-time shipping to all metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Why choose BF Goodrich tyres?

When Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded his tyre company over 100 years ago in Akron, Ohio he aimed to create products that would withstand the test of time. BF Goodrich tyres are now among the most popular brands, and are valued for their superior quality and high performance. The company established the first tyre factory in the US at its plant in Akron, and soon its tyres would be the choice of drivers all over the world. Performance has always been key to the ongoing development of BF Goodrich tyres; in 1903 the company made the tyres for a Model A Ford that would become the first car to drive across America and it has been at the forefront of motor racing and sports driving ever since. Now part of the Michelin group, BF Goodrich continue to design high quality tyres which fully address the needs of drivers, and their current range includes tyres that are suitable for a vast selection of terrain and conditions.

More choice from BF Goodrich

More people than ever are choosing spacious 4x4's which allow them to drive on and off road, and fitting the right tyre is essential. The BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A is an excellent choice for the city or the country, and its curve hugging properties are perfect for uneven roads or hilly routes. This versatile tyre is suitable for everything from sand dunes to rocky terrain, and can handle tarmac, sand, mud and gravel equally well. Perhaps you want a sturdy and durable tyre for utility vehicles like trucks and vans. Tyres like the Activan have larger tread for greater grip and allow you to drive heavier vehicles with confidence, even in extreme temperatures. Whatever your personal needs and preferences, you're certain to find BF Goodrich tyres that are just right, and which will allow you to drive with pleasure and confidence.


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