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Kenda Tyres has been producing several tyre categories for around 50 years, and all their products are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Built for performance and endurance, their extensive range of products is also designed for the utmost safety. The tyres produced by this respected global brand are used on everything from private vehicles to golf carts, but they can always be relied upon to deliver exceptional performance and durability. The experienced team of engineers at Kenda Tyres is continually making improvements and modifications to their entyre selection of products - making their tyres among the most widely respected in the world.

Tested For Enhanced Performance

Kenda Tyres are developed through an ongoing process of testing and customer feedback. In order to attain the highest possible levels of performance, durability and safety, their products are subjected to intensive testing programmes in a range of challenging environments. Every product this respected manufacturer develops exceeds the regulations laid out by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There are highly specialised tyres within every category, so you can choose a product that meets you exact specifications. Whether you require added grip for off-road performance or something slick for speed, you'll find what you're looking for from this renowned manufacturer.

  • KOMET Series: The spiral jointless nylon cap-ply enhances tyre uniformity and durability. It is fortified with an added rim protector to shield rims from accidental curb damage. This series is ideally suited for passenger cars.
  • KR Series: This series offers a range of tyres for all possible weather conditions and terrains. These tyres are known for their great fuel economy and excellent handling capability. 

Quick and fast delivery to you or one of our fitting partners across Australia. Free of cost shipping within all major metro areas, including Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Design Specifications For Every Requirement

This highly respected manufacturer offers an extensive range of products for cars. As well as a selection of standard tyres for passenger vehicles, there are also high-performance products with unidirectional tread and V-shaped tread for improved handling and traction at speed. The asymmetrical tread delivers a more comfortable ride in challenging road conditions. There are tyres designed specifically for SUVs and light trucks, and a selection of tyres are available for Bias light trucks. Kenda's winter and snow tyres feature zigzag treads and softer rubber compounds for enhanced traction and handling on icy and snow-covered roads.

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