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High performance and exceptional value, Nexen has a long track record in producing tyres that deliver a compelling combination of performance, value and safety. Although founded over 70 years ago the company has always had its sights fixed firmly on the future. Even its name is a contraction of two words that epitomise this forward-looking approach - next and century. From its early days in Korea the company has utilised innovative design and manufacturing processes, coupled with the latest technology of the day, to forge a global reputation for Nexen tyres.

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Chosen by carmakers: the Nexen design

Nexen tyres are fitted as original equipment by several leading global carmakers, a sure sign of the confidence the industry has in the company's rigorous testing procedures. The last few years have brought further recognition with Nexen sweeping four of the biggest design awards in the world, including the 2014 IDEA award for its revolutionary Green Hive concept tyre. This commitment to innovative design can be seen throughout the company's product range, from economic passenger tyres to its ultra high performance tyres. And for those who like to take their motoring off-road there is a wide range of rugged all-terrain tyres and highway terrain hybrids.

High performance on and off the road

Top of the Nexen range is the ultra high performance N'Fera tyre designed to maximise performance on wet roads and provide the highest levels of braking and handling in all driving conditions. These tyres feature enhanced rigidity and superb balance to allow safe and stable cornering at high speed. the company also produced tyres for the environmentally conscious and budget minded motorist that are offering superb fuel efficiency and long tread life, while those aiming to head for the great outdoors have the Roadian range to choose from.

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