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Superia tyres are distributed by China Tyres Distribution Ltd, established in 1994, and dedicated to supplying premium tyres and extraordinary service to their customers. Their large range of radial tyres includes UHP, LTR, TBR, PCR and SUV styles and in 2014 the company sold 4.5 million sets. We can deliver your new tyre directly to one of our hundreds of fitting partners near you. We offer Australia-wide shipping of Superia Tyres. Free delivery to all metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Global Performance Standards

Superia tyres meet the strictest global quality and performance standards and have earnt international certifications including ECE, ISO, DOT, JIS, ADR, BIS, GSO and INMETRO.

Safety, Performance and Quality

Superia tyres are taking the lead in the development of tyres designed for the characteristics of vehicles today, responding to the demands of drivers and the international tyre market. With their commitment to meeting requirements for comfort, high performance and affordability they offer the highest levels of safety and quality control. There is no compromise on manufacturing standards or quality and their tyres have a top-rated performance record with an impressive economic return.

Driving Excellence

In all road and weather conditions, Superia tyres assure a safe and enjoyable ride, while optimizing driver confidence. They provide enhanced speed and direction control to ensure the performance and excitement that drivers expect, pushing to the highest levels of driving excellence.

Commitment To The Environment

Superia strive to be the leaders in the international tyre market by continually investing in developing their brand and range, driven by their philosophy of the pursuit of innovation and perfection. Superia tyres produce environmentally aware products, and work with their dealers to offer the highest quality services and products.

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