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We can deliver your new tyres directly to one of our hundreds of local fitting partners near you. After choosing a tyre, select one of our fitting partners.

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We can deliver your tyre to another address like your home or office. We'll deliver it directly to you Australia-wide so you can have it fitted.

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Enter your postcode to see all fitting partners near you.

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We Make Tyre Fitting Accessible & Cheap

With Supercheap Auto, we put convenience and comfort first for our customers. Thus, we have selected the best tyre fitting centres all across the country to provide professional tyre fitting services. These fitting stations have passed our screening process proving that they have what it takes to get the job done. Wherever you may be, there is an authorised fitting station equipped with best tools and equipment to offer quality services.

Quick Access to Professional Fitters

We make quality tyre fitting accessible to you. You may avail of our fitment guarantee that covers all tyres fitted in any of our authorised centres. This gives you the assurance that you can drive your vehicle safe and sound. We follow a unique system of replacing tyres. We ship tyres directly to your chosen Supercheap Auto fitting centre. They will contact you to set up an appointment for wheel replacement.

Tyre Fitting Service You can Afford

Michelin Service Centre or M1 Tyres is our fitting partner in the area. They are located on Fifteenth Street (Calder Hwy) near Sunraysia Petrol Pump, and the closest landmark is the Irymple Ave bus station. The train station is 12 minutes away via National Highway A20.

You can wait in their comfortable customer lounge while your new tyres get fitted. They have the latest equipment and qualified mechanics who can fit tyres in quick time. Their staff is friendly and ready to give you smart advice on how to maintain tyres well for long life. They also do puncture repairs and all major tyre repairs. They service all types of vehicles right from cars to trucks, buses, and more, so you don't have to look any further. At an affordable rate starting at $15 per tyre, you will never regret trusting us. We offer a wide selection of high-quality tyres. From regular tyres to heavy duty wheels, everything is available with Supercheap Auto at unbeatable prices.

Fast delivery & convenient tyre installation

With us it is easy to choose a fitter for your needs, budget and your location. All our trusted partners are carefully screened to make sure they have the right modern equipment and provide the best service.

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