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For your safety, never attempt to fit your tyres if you don’t have the right skills and tools to do so. Tyre fitting must only be done by experts to ensure that your tyres are fitted correctly. Supercheap Auto understands your need for expert fitters within your city. Thus, we have partnered with hundreds of tyre fitting centres all over Australia. These fitting centres are capable of fitting all types of tyres regardless of size and use.

Fast and Efficient Fitting

We have two fitting stations in Elizabeth. City Discount Tyres Elizabeth is one fitting partner in the area. Their expertly trained technicians can fit all types of tyres we sell. You can also get the best advice for all your automotive needs. They also do quality mechanical repairs, safety checks, puncture repairs, and more at competitive rates. You can visit them on Elizabeth Way, located near Rebel Ford car showroom. Centrelink Govt Office is the closest landmark. McDonald's Elizabeth Shopping Centre and Post Office are just a short walking distance away (500 m). Elizabeth Railway Station is just three minutes away (240 m) via Mountbatten Square.

David Discount Tyres is our other fitting partner in Elizabeth South. Their expert fitters are reliable and experienced to fit your new tyres with care and commitment. They also do puncture repairs, tyre pressure checks, rotation, along with wheel balancing and alignment. You can reach them on Hogarth Rd. Rose & Crown Hotel, Domino's Pizza, and other restaurants are just a short stroll away (800 m). Elizabeth South Railway Station is two minutes drive away (950 m) via Goodman Rd.

At Supercheap Auto, we put your needs on top. To ensure that you’re getting exemplary services, we have thoroughly screened the fitting centres that we have associated with. Also, your new tyres fitted by any of our fitting stations are covered by our fitment guarantee. This is an added layer of assurance that we have accurately fitted your tyres. For a quick and expedited services, we will send your new tyres to a Supercheap Auto partner centre in your city. Depending on your availability, an expert fitter will schedule a fitting appointment. For a reasonable rate of $15 per tyre, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We have the best selection of branded tyres from BF Goodrich, Toyo, Maxxis and much more.

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With us it is easy to choose a fitter for your needs, budget and your location. All our trusted partners are carefully screened to make sure they have the right modern equipment and provide the best service.

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