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Accelera Tyres is a new firm which offers high quality affordable alternatives to major established brands. The company has sought to combine innovation and the latest production techniques with local expertise to offer low cost tyres of all varieties. This strategy has allowed Accelera Tyres to expand into more than 50 markets around the world, and has won them several awards in Asian automotive magazines. Supercheap Auto provides fast delivery of Accelera Tyres across Australia along with free shipping across all major metros such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Accelera tyre models offered at Supercheap Auto

Supercheap Auto's Accelera range offers a broad selection of different offers, with tyres suited to different varieties of vehicles. The range includes radial tyres for light trucks and passenger cars, bus tyres and conventional truck tyres, along with seasonally appropriate products such as winter tyres.

  • Passenger Car Tyres: The passenger section includes models such as Accelera PHI series, Accelera Alpha, Accelera Gamma, Accelera Sigma, Accelera Eco Plush, Accelera Epsilon and Accelera.
  • 4x4 and SUV Car Tyres: The 4x4 and SUV section includes models such as Accelera Iota series and 4x4 Accelera AT series.
  • Light Truck Tyres: The light truck tyres section includes the Accelera Ultra Series. 

Accelera's most important tyre models

The Accelera Alpha is a conventional summer tyre, which will be suitable for most private vehicles, offering excellent dry grip, durability and smooth contact with the road surface. All of the models produced by Accelera Tyres offer excellent value for money relative to prestige brands, and the firm is rapidly developing a reputation for balancing quality with price.

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