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Falken tyres are rooted in the world of motorsport and high-performance cars. The company was founded in Japan more than 30 years ago by Ohtsu Tyre and Rubber to sell its range of high-performance radial tyres and, although the line-up has expanded since then, performance tyres are still at the heart of the business. We offer fast, in-time delivery of Falken Tyres to your home or one of our proven, local fitting partners along with free shipping to destinations in major metros such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Falken has expanded their range to include Performance Car Tyres, Passenger Car Tyres, 4WD/SUV Tyres, and Truck Tyres.

  • Performance Car Tyres: Falken Performance Tyres are renowned for their use of latest Japanese technologies in order to deliver ultra high-performance radials at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Passenger Car Tyres: Falken Passenger Car Tyres provide the safety, reliability and comfort that one looks for at affordable rates. Be it a drive to work, heading for a footy game, or testing the tracks, the proficiency, quality and efficacy of Falken comes straight through.
  • 4WD/SUV Tyres: Falken 4WD/SUV Tyres are known for their high-speed stability and excellent safety performance. The tyres offer great longevity and incredible style.
  • Truck Tyres: Falken Truck Tyres are everything that a driver looks for. The tyres provide superior traction performance, improved long mileage and unparalleled resilience to irregular wear.

Ultra High Performance

The company's ultra high-performance heritage is ably demonstrated in Falken tyres such as the flagship Azenis FK453, a thoroughbred designed for high-end performance cars. With its silica enriched compound and asymmetric variable tread design this is a tyre that corners and handles superbly, no matter what the weather is doing. For more leisurely driving there is the Azenis PT722, an ultra high performance touring tyre that adds cruising comfort and hard-wearing characteristics to its high-speed pedigree. And for something that will stand up to whatever the weather or landscape can throw at it, there is the Wild Peak all terrain tyre which, despite its tough, aggressive looks, is a quiet pleasure to drive on the roads.

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