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One of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers in the world, with operations across every continent, Goodyear tyres offer high-quality tyres at pocket-friendly rates. Through constant R&D and innovation, Goodyear endeavours to constantly improve and deliver state-of-the-art products to its customers. Goodyear tyres offer a comprehensive variety of summer and all season tyres designed for all types of road vehicles: passenger cars, SUVs and vans. Goodyear has several patterns of summer and all season tyres that provide optimum traction in wet and dry conditions.

Passenger Car Tyres: Goodyear offers high-performance, superior quality tyre patterns such as the Assurance series, Eagle series, Duraplus, Duragrip, Efficient Grip, Excellence, GT3 and Integrity. These passenger tyres are manufactured to be safe, reliable and smooth to ride to ensure a pleasurable journey, irrespective of your vehicle type. 

SUV Car Tyres: Goodyear tyres offer a wide range of SUV tyres which can be used across all terrains and in all weather conditions. These tyres offer superior traction in dry and wet conditions. The Eagle F1 series and the Wrangler Series are Goodyear's most popular SUV tyre patterns. 

Van Tyres: Goodyear offers a variety of tyres for light trucks and vans. These tyres are ideal for long hauls, city driving and commercial heavy duty use. The Cargo G26 and Cargo Marathon are Goodyear's leading van tyres.

Supercheap Auto offers quick and fast delivery of Goodyear Tyres along with free of cost shipping within all major metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Excellent Technology for more Comfort and Safety

  • New Duraseal Technology has improved the handling of the tyre when punctured to a great extent. When a puncture occurs, a yellow rubber sealant helps in protecting the part of the tread puncture. This repeats itself whenever the puncture happens such that the sealant doesn't have to be applied again.
  • Active Corner Grip improves safe handling and tyre grip with inner reinforced sidewalls during cornering.
  • ArmorGrip Technology incorporates Kevlar materials which has high strength and which also adds durability, the latest technology of composites is in demand and the highest quality of strength known to mankind.
  • Zone Technology enhancing the three zones which includes safety, handling, and comfort zones.
  • Silent Armor gives a the driver the most smooth and comfortable ride with reduced noise reduction.


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