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Light Truck Tyres

If your vehicle is being used for multiple purposes, to haul more than just people, you may need a set of light truck tyres. Light truck tyres are engineered to operate at maximum load for an indefinite amount of time. In fact, every component of a light truck tyre is designed with an extra safety factor to accommodate the increased stress that comes with higher loads and higher pressures.

Light truck tyre vs. Passenger car tyre

  • generally require a higher inflation pressure than the regular passenger tyres
  • reliable road holding and perform well in wet weather and dry conditions
  • made for more extreme usage which makes them sturdier, stronger and capable of bearing heavier loads. For this they have additional belt strength, stronger sidewall plies and more rubber when compared to passenger tyres. 

Tread design and components

The light truck tyres are considerably heavier, and they need to be, as they have to carry a heavier load. Their larger voids – the large spaces between the lugs – expel dirt and water, providing additional traction. The wider tread footprint gives the tyre uniform pressure distribution across the contact patch for even wear and consistent grip. The large tread element and blocky design normally found on a light truck tyre, help to resist abnormal wear while enhancing tread stability and durability.

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NANKANG CW25 145R12C 86/84N
145R12C 86/84N
$86 ea
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